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Groningen, Inner city West

According to forecasts of the CBS (the Dutch central statistics office) the population of the city of Groningen will greatly increase in the following years. To be prepared for the increasing pressure on the city center that population growth will bring, the Groningen city council decided to redesign parts of the center in advance. The design was made by the own city engineers of Groningen in collaboration with LOLA Landscape Architects and TOPOTEK 1, whereby car traffic and city busses were given a different route. In the western part of the city, this ensures that the "Aweg" and the adjacent "Astraat" will get a lot less traffic and results in a more pleasant environment for cyclists and pedestrians. The rest of the "Astraat", "Brugstraat" and "Munnekeholm" have also been renewed within this project, with the aim of making the entire center more pleasant and convivial. For this purpose, more trees have been planted which are equipped with ANAE tree gratings in the Linder model. To protect against the still present traffic, but also because of the suitability within the design for the complete inner city of Groningen.

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