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Wijnegem, Marktplein

In the Antwerp suburb of Wijnegem, next to the historic town hall, we find the centrally located “Marktplein”. There has been a need for a central meeting place for some time, but before the redesign took place the central square only had a parking function. Following a design by LAND Landschapsarchitecten, the square was split into two zones during the redevelop. A parking zone on the south side and an open meeting place on the north side. Between these two zones is a small pavilion on a raised sitting platform. This pavilion offers facilities for the weekly market and is also well suited for temporary uses such as a pop-up store. In the sitting platform is, space has been created for trees, in which tree grate model Samber from ANAE is applied. Further on in the square the same cast-iron tree grates have been applied in a larger size.

Public space design: