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Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why ANÆ Streetfurniture? Give me some reasons.

ANÆ Streetfurniture has  most beautiful tree grates in Europe.  Exclusive designs, competitive price and strong quality make  ANÆ Streetfurniture Furniture the favored tree grates for landscape architects, also for developers.

ANÆ Streetfurniture has  many experiences in doing projects. The satisfaction of every client counts.

2. What does  ANÆ Streetfurniture do to produce environment-friendly products?

All the materials  ANÆ Streetfurniture uses are 100% recyclable. Cast iron products can endure as long as hundred years. The surface treatment methods  ANÆ Streetfurniture use are also different than the common products in market. They are greener and cleaner. ANÆ Streetfurniture takes its responsibility for the environ-ment and will like to contribute more to it.

3. How long does it take from placing an order to delivery?

The order can be processed in one week if we already have the grates on stock.  Otherwise it would take from 6 weeks to 3 months to get what you order.

4. Do you deliver tree grates to other places in the world? Are you open for new distributors in other countries? 

Yes. We have done projects in many different countries in Europe, but also in Middle East. We are seeking sales agents in different countries/regions. You are very welcome to contact us for distribution in your country/region.

On cast-iron grates and laser-cutting grates

5. Why do you have to lay frames under the grates? Can I only have grates, but not the frames beneath?

Good quality frames beneath are as important as good quality grates.  ANÆ Streetfurniture puts lot of efforts to find the most cost-effective and high-quality solutions for our clients. Technical test shows that the frames are a necessary support for the stability and endurance of grates. The grates are more easily bent or damaged without frames. 

6. Are laser-cutting products more expensive than cast iron grates?

Not necessarily.  But it also depends on the size, quantity , and the patron the clients needs. The more complex the client"s order, the more likely the price  will increase.  ANÆ Streetfurniture has also finished many amazingly beautiful projects with laser cutting grates. 

7. Do you also offer installation service for tree grates?

Yes. It is possible to offer installation service.

8. The cast iron grates got rusty after several months. Is that normal?

In some cases, it is normal.  The unprocessed surface  will  change to bright orange in several weeks, after one month to  dark brown. The dark brown will stay the same for as long as hundred years.

On tailor-made projects

9. What can  ANÆ Streetfurniture do for a special project?

ANÆ Streetfurniture takes “flexibility” as an important competitive advantage. We do not  only have a wide range of  standard products, but also make special tree grates on the requests of customers, with different sizes and different materials.

We have also provided grates with different surface processing methods, and different surface colors. ANÆ Streetfurniture can change a landscape architect’s design into production.   ANÆ Streetfurniture also provides design service to meet the special wishes of clients.

10. We only need one or two grates. Can we also order from  ANÆ Streetfurniture?

In principle, yes. We have some models in stock, and it is possible to deliver even a small amount of them. However, it is good to check first with our sales staff.