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Utrecht, Leidsche Rijn Centre

2019-11-07, Utrecht, Leidsche Rijn Centre

The district "Leidsche Rijn" in the city of Utrecht, is with 25km² the biggest VINEX-location within the Netherlands. The entire project is seen as a new city west of Utrecht, because unlike other VINEX-locations with an emphasis on living, Leidsche Rijn contains beside homes also space for shops, offices, recreation and other facilities. Hence the district has its own centre with a highly urban character rather than just houses. Within such a high urban area, efficient use of the available space is necessary and the public outdoor space deserves some extra detailing. That is why Lodewijk Baljon landscape architects has put a lot of effort into designing the various squares around the center of Leidsche Rijn. In the area behind the Leidsche Rijn railway station, where mostly office buildings are located, the ANAE tree grate model Biese is used in the sleek and contemporary designed outdoor space.

Bornem, Cultuurcentrum Ter Dilft

2019-10-10, Bornem, Cultuurcentrum Ter Dilft

In the Flemish town of Bornem, there’s a cultural center called “Ter Dilft”. Ever since the 1970’s, this has been a place where young and old from all over the region get the chance to truly experience culture. In 2015 was decided that the cultural center needed a renovation, to be able to come along in the following decades. Following a design by Morgen Architectuur, the real estate was expanded and in addition tot the already present theater, rehearsal rooms and meeting rooms a library and music academy were added to Ter Dilft. Also, the environment of the cultural center was renewed during the renovation, following a design by Atelier Ruimtelijk Advies (ARA) using ANAE tree grates, model Liede. These modern-looking tree grates match aesthetically with the fresh and modern look of the new building of Ter Dilft.

The summer break is over!

2019-08-14, The summer break is over!

The summer break is over! We are working hard again on the first deliveries. The ANAE tree grate model Trave (left in the picture), in which a beautiful leaf motif has been cut out using a laser cutter, will soon be shining in Waubach (NL). ANAE tree grate model Zenne (right in the picture), has a slightly simpler lasered pattern and will soon be on display in Elsene (B). At this moment, the tree gratings still look black, but after a few months of weathering the for corten steel typical orange-brown rust tone appears.

Worms, Domumgebung

2019-07-30, Worms, Domumgebung

The Dom St. Peter is located in the German town of Worms. A Romanesque basilica from the 12th century built from "buntsandstein", on the highest point of the city. After the construction of a new community center and visitor center called "Haus am Dom", the square on the south side of the basilica was redesigned. SINAI Landschaftsarchitekten designed the new square as a multi-faceted open space on the south, using tree grates from ANAE.