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Sint-Baafs-Vijve, Sint-Bavoplein

2020-02-20, Sint-Baafs-Vijve, Sint-Bavoplein

Groningen, Inner city West

2020-02-13, Groningen, Inner city West

According to forecasts of the CBS (the Dutch central statistics office) the population of the city of Groningen will greatly increase in the following years. To be prepared for the increasing pressure on the city center that population growth will bring, the Groningen city council decided to redesign parts of the center in advance. The design was made by the own city engineers of Groningen in collaboration with LOLA Landscape Architects and TOPOTEK 1, whereby car traffic and city busses were given a different route. In the western part of the city, this ensures that the "Aweg" and the adjacent "Astraat" will get a lot less traffic and results in a more pleasant environment for cyclists and pedestrians. The rest of the "Astraat", "Brugstraat" and "Munnekeholm" have also been renewed within this project, with the aim of making the entire center more pleasant and convivial. For this purpose, more trees have been planted which are equipped with ANAE tree gratings in the Linder model. To protect against the still present traffic, but also because of the suitability within the design for the complete inner city of Groningen.

Wijnegem, Marktplein

2020-02-05, Wijnegem, Marktplein

In the Antwerp suburb of Wijnegem, next to the historic town hall, we find the centrally located “Marktplein”. There has been a need for a central meeting place for some time, but before the redesign took place the central square only had a parking function. Following a design by LAND Landschapsarchitecten, the square was split into two zones during the redevelop. A parking zone on the south side and an open meeting place on the north side. Between these two zones is a small pavilion on a raised sitting platform. This pavilion offers facilities for the weekly market and is also well suited for temporary uses such as a pop-up store. In the sitting platform is, space has been created for trees, in which tree grate model Samber from ANAE is applied. Further on in the square the same cast-iron tree grates have been applied in a larger size.

Leuven, Park Belle-Vue

2020-01-23, Leuven, Park Belle-Vue

Construction works on the public space around Leuven train station have been going since 2008. The final phase was to finish off the “Kop van Kessel-Lo”, the area directly behind the train station where the Kessel-Lo district starts. The “Martelarenlaan” was completely redeveloped and integrated into the new “Belle-Vue” park. The 750 meter long and 50 meter wide strip that separates the buildings of Kessel-Lo from the railroad trench behind the station, is equipped with lots of greenery, trees and a playful height difference. Also, there are two bastions in the park which serve as a meeting and relaxation place for local residents. The trees on these bastions which provide some shade in the summer, are equipped with ANAE tree grates in the model Dendre. The tree grates are executed with a watering lid and finished off with a grey tinted powder coat.