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The Emmen market is one of the few examples of an urban forest.


The color from the tree grates were very important for the K1 landscape architects for their project in Bielefeld.


The traffic in Brussels is starting to get stuck. The municipality has chosen to make a few important axles traffic free.

The endresult is magnificent in its simplicity

2016-05-18, The endresult is magnificent in its simplicity

Within the municipality Cuyk set Landscape Architects Lubbers itself the target to connect the prominent Maasboulevard more to the center. The seemingly obvious simplicity in which the pavement and the tree grate is connected, is a remarkable beauty. The pavement around the tree grate is not cutted. The endresult is magnificent, however for the contractor it is difficult to adapt according the situation. It is a detail that demonstrates the importance of a proper guidance and implementation.