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Den Haag, De Verademing

2020-11-05, Den Haag, De Verademing

The oldest still operating power plant in the Netherlands Is located in The Hague. Electricity has been generated here since 1906, until the 1950s even enough to supply all of The Hague and Voorburg. The district around the power station has been transformed considerably in recent years. Perhaps the most important and radical change for the residents of the neighborhood was the closure and demolition of the waste incineration plant. Not only has the air became a lot cleaner, a beautiful neighborhood park has been created on the site of the former waste incineration. This spacious, green area in the middle of the city offers a variety of activities for visitors of all ages. ANAE supplied custom tree grids that were placed at two entrances to the park. These triangular tree grids with triangular slots, lasered from Corten steel, are in line with the angular theme of the entire park. The design and layout of the park was conceived by a specially established design team consisting of local residents, future users and members of the Ingenieursbureau Den Haag.

Zeeland, Centre

2020-09-11, Zeeland, Centre

During the in 2019 completed redevelopment in the North Brabant village of Zeeland, Kerkstraat was renewed as the main axis through the center. The adjacent parking areas around the local supermarkets, shops and the town hall have also been redeveloped. The paving has been renewed, areas are better connected to one another and new trees have been planted. To protect these newly planted trees from traffic and the stalls of the weekly market, cast iron tree grids have been used. Because the trees will continue to grow considerably over the years, there was a need for sufficient space for the trunk of the trees. The square tree grate from ANAE, model Amer, has a removable inner ring. This allows the planting hole to be enlarged as soon as necessary and the tree grate grows with the tree.

Baarn, Town center

2020-08-20, Baarn, Town center

Baarn is a town with a long and rich history, dating back to the Stone Age. In the Middle Ages, Baarn played an important role and there were several castles to defend the area. In the Golden Age this ensured Baarn as an attractive village for successful merchants and other wealthy people from Amsterdam. This resulted in an enormous expansion of the number of country estates around Baarn, including Soestdijk Palace which later became a royal residence. In order to emphasize and reinforce the history and historic appearance of the town, the most recent redesign opted for street furniture with a classic appearance. Earlier we showed you one of the planters, this time we show you the design of the benches. Marlies van Diest designed these benches and ANAE manufactured them from wooden beams mounted on a metal frame with a laser-cut filigree motif. By manufacturing with a laser cutter, the finish of the benches is very clean but by executing the filigree motif in several layers of steel it still looks very classic.

Valkenburg, De Leeuw

2020-07-02, Valkenburg, De Leeuw

Since the end of the 19th century, the building of the former gunpowder factory in the South Limburg town of Valkenburg has been in use as a beer brewery. Most people will know this brewery as De Leeuw, the name that the company has been using since 1921. The original watermill of the powder factory contributed to De Leeuw’s production process until 2006, when all brewing activities were relocated to Belgium. The former factory building and the surrounding grounds have now been upgraded into a recreation park for residents and tourists. ANAE supplied the tree grids for this project, model Zenne, in three different sizes. These tree grids are made of Corten steel, which is known for its orange-brown oxide color.