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Rob Lubrecht
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ANÆ project Rotterdam, Hoogvliet, Middenbaan

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products in project Rotterdam, Hoogvliet, Middenbaan:
treegrate model WielANÆ treegrate model Wiel

ANÆ treegrate model Wiel 180

The Midcourse in Hoogvliet, Rotterdam, was called a market in the past. The centrally located square is used for annual events, the weekly market and daily parking. A combination of these three functions on the square soon leads to a subdued design. And the “smart” model of tree grate Wiel of ANAE Street Furniture is chosen to provide extra protection to the trees.

The treegrate consists of a square ground plane with an elevated round band. The band serves as the buffer zone for heavy traffics. The design retains as its simplicity fits in nicely with the character of its surroundings.

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