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ANÆ project Venlo (NL), Maasboulevard

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ANÆ delivered the tree grates for the prestigious project Maasboulevard in Venlo, The Netherlands. Commissioned by the municipality, office Lubbers from Den Bosch made the integral design.

formerly the city turned away from the river, living, shopping, culture and recreation are now combined together in one area. In Wijngaardstraat, office Lubbers used ANÆ tree grates model Tua on a strip of stone pavers, that the atmosphere of the medieval town of origin is emphasized. In the grates itself a Tilia is placed. 

Tree grate Tua suitable for street and square

The long lines where the tree grates in the Wijngaardstraat are a part of, provide clear view of the road, and give grandeur. The Tua grates are square and have a width of two meters. That this grate can be placed either rehearsing in a street, as well as a solitary schedule, can be seen in the Old Market in Venlo. That winds around the tree grate Tua a multi-stemmed tree, which looks like a big bunch of flowers, decorating the square.

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