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ANÆ project Weert, St. Jozefskerk square

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treegrate model TuaANÆ treegrate model Tua
tree protection model AlsterANÆ tree protection model Alster

St. Joseph Church Square in the Limburg town of Weert was redesigned by Heukelom Verbeek landscapers. It is a successful design because the square has the same understated sophistication as the monumental church that adorns the square, without a tenste feeling on the user.

Anae tree grates suchs as model Tua are used on the square. These tree grates are trapped by a double effect: a side- and a long stretch. Both the two stretches as the tree grates are every time a click deepened, making the whole subtle trapwhise going down; a beautiful detailing that promotesthe watering of the trees.

The architect has chosen to place the trees in a tree bunker. This heavy duty construction ensures that the roots of the tree have plenty of space to grow. 

Project: Church Square Weert design surface: Heukelom Verbeek landscaping

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