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Technical data

Technical specifications

Tree grates, bamboo benches and other street furniture of ANAE are made of quality material, and have to under-go strict quality control process.

1. Material:

Gray iron casting shall confirm to GG25, GG40 or other standard required by individual customers. For laser-cutting tree grates ANAE uses steel Q235.

Material used for bicycle stands: casting iron, steel Q235 and RVS 308/316.

Material used for benches: own import of the newest available product of outdoor bamboo, eventually FSC approved hard wood.

Material used for drainages is cast iron and polymer concrete.

2. Surface-treatment:

Oppervlakte behandeling van ANAE boomrooster Leij

ANAE uses black paint, powder coating, electrophoretic paint and hot zinc, etc.

3. Color:

The standard color of  ANAE products is often similar to the natural color of the material itself, like black, grey or silver. But clients are free to choose according RAL color chart.

4. ECO statement:

Nearly of all the material used by ANAE are 100% recyclable. ANAE has been trying to find the most environment-friendly ways to produce its own products.

For example, to promote bamboo benches has been one focus of ANAE’s work in the past two years. ANAE has invested to find the trustworthy material to replace the hard wood.

5. Load class

Load classifications indicate how much force a particular grate can withstand. Following the European product standard of  EN 124 : 1994,  covers and grates are given load classifications designated by six classes:

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A15, B125, C250, D400, E600, and F900.

The function of the road and square play an important role on choosing the grates with different loading.  For pedestrian areas, a grate with load of 15KN could be enough, while 125KN is required for side walks and small parking lots.

Depending on the design,  materials and production,  different models of  ANAE tree grates have different maximal loading. Most of ANAE grates can meet the demands of A 15, B 125 and/or C 250. 

Please check with our colleague on sales or service department to make sure that you make the right choice considering traffic class. 

Load Class A15 - 15kN
Residential and light pedestrian traffic

Load Class B125 - 125kN
Sidewalks and small private parking lots

Load Class C250 - 250kN
Parking lots and general commercial areas

Load Class D400 - 400kN
Trafficked sections of roads and highways

Load Class E600 - 600kN
Industrial areas, gas stations and light commercial forklifts

Load Class F900 - 900kN
Aircraft runways, docks, heavy fork trucks and heavy wheel loads