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Rob Lubrecht
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ANÆ treegrate model Biese

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project Herzogenrath (D), Burg Rode
project Zaventem (BE), Heldenplein
project Raamsdonksveer, Heereplein
project Leidsche Rijn, Utrecht
project Antwerpen (B), Bogaardeplein

The tree grate is made of solid cast-iron. Both the tree grate and the innerside of the tree grate are square of shape. The tree grate consists out of 4 segments. The framework consists of at least 2 segments. The tree grate is standardly suited to bear the load of pedestrians and cyclists. To increase the load-taking capacity, a light frame (for cars) or a heavy frame has to be installed underneath the tree grate.  The segments of the tree grate can be assembled to each other with M12x60mm bolts. Optionally, a removable inner ring can be applied.  Tree protection cages can be mounted if the tree grate is combined with a frame. The grate is standard black waxed. This layer is going to oxidate within some months, therefore the colour is getting darker. 

special sizes:
type outer size (mm) inner size (mm)
treegrate Biese300-150 3000x1500 500x500

material: cast iron (black waxed)

Productinformation (pdf):
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Assembly manual (pdf):
- Assembly manual Biese 4cm >>

tree protection model StiyrANÆ tree protection model Stiyr
light frame  standard ANÆ light frame standard
heavy frame standaard draagframe vierkantANÆ heavy frame standaard draagframe vierkant
tree protection model SammeANÆ tree protection model Samme
tree protection model LeineANÆ tree protection model Leine