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Rob Lubrecht
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ANÆ treegrate model Elbe

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project Amsterdam, Haarlemmermeer
project Amsterdam, Rijnstraat
project Vaals, Maastrichterlaan

The tree grate is made of solid cast-iron. The tree grate has a square shape and the inner size is round. The tree grate consists out of 4 segments. The segments of the tree grate can be assembled to each other with M12x60mm bolts. The heavy frame and the tree grate have to be installed before starting to pave. After installing the paving can be placed up against the edge of the frame. The height of the light frame plus the tree grate is 80 mm in total.  The grate is standard black waxed. This layer is going to oxidate within some months, therefore the colour is getting darker. 

material: cast iron (black waxed)

Productinformation (pdf):
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tree protection model LeineANÆ tree protection model Leine
heavy frame roundANÆ heavy frame round
light frame  standard ANÆ light frame standard
tree protection model SammeANÆ tree protection model Samme