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Rob Lubrecht
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ANÆ treegrate model Tua

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project Berlijn (DE), Monumentenplatz
project Vleesplein, Venlo
project Weert, St. Jozefskerkplein
project Kapellen (B)
project Kapellen (B)

The tree grate is made of solid cast-iron. The tree grate is made of solid cast-iron. Both the tree grate and the innerside of the tree grate are square of shape. The tree grate consists out of 4 segments. The framework consists of at least 2 segments. The grate is standard black waxed. This layer is going to oxidate within some months, therefore the colour is getting darker. 

material: cast iron (black waxed)

Productinformation (pdf):
- Productinformation Tua >>
- Assembly Manual model Tua >>

Assembly manual (pdf):
- Assembly manual Tua 4cm >>

tree protection model OuseANÆ tree protection model Ouse
tree protection model SammeANÆ tree protection model Samme
heavy frame standaard draagframe vierkantANÆ heavy frame standaard draagframe vierkant
tree protection model HeneANÆ tree protection model Hene
tree protection model LeineANÆ tree protection model Leine