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Rob Lubrecht
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Vision of ANÆ Street Furniture

ANÆ is characterized by progressive design, in combination with reliable quality, and all this for an average price level.----Straat Beeld (the acclaimed Dutch magazine for professional city planners and architects)

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ANÆ, Make Public Place Personal

ANÆ Streetfurniture concerns urban space as much as it concerns people. To make public space pleasant and comfortable, and to make people enjoy their personal presence in public places, is the ultimate goal of ANÆ.

ANÆ Streetfurniture provides landscape architects designed for street furniture with different characters. They have all their own identity: some are more quiet, others are more expressive. It is dependent on the function of the public space to determine which type of street furniture will fit in.

Take the example of tree grates, a tree grate with introvert character and delicate lines would fit a busy shopping street. A tree grate with joyful design would go perfectly with squares which have a busy night life.  ANÆ Streetfurniture enriches the public space with our deep understanding of the balance between beauty and function.

ANÆ Streetfurniture was established in Amsterdam in 1999 by Rob Lubrecht.

Brug Groenlo ontworpen door architect Rob Lubrecht

Rob Lubrecht studied at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. Afterwards he worked at landscape design offices B+B and Lodewijk Baljon landscape Architect. He started is his own office Buro O.O.G. (Ontwerp voor het Openbaar Gebied, design for public space) which is specialized in designing street furnitures like fences, benches and bridges. Rob Lubrecht  worked together with OKRA landscape architects, Buro Sant & Co, Marlies van Diest en Michael van Gessel.

Jan Wils Bridge in Amsterdam ontworpen door architect Rob Lubrecht

ANÆ Streetfurniture is now one of the most competent name for tree grates and bamboo benches in Europe. In several countries we work together with companies which ANÆ represent.

The broad collections and rich experiences of project implementation make ANÆ Streetfurniture the logic choice for landscape architects and developers.

(foto: Bridge in Groenlo designed door architect Rob Lubrecht,

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Jan wilsbrug in Olympische Kwartier, Amsterdam, more info: