Project Rotterdam, Lijnbaan

In 1949 the construction of the "Lijnbaan" started, a long open passage only suited for pedestrians in the city centre of Rotterdam. A special pedestrian zone in the middle of the city was a innovation and drew a lot of international attention at the opening in October 1953. "The Lijnbaan" was the first shopping promenade in the Netherlands and is still well known in the surrounding area. The design came from the architectural office van den Broek en Bakema. more than 50 years later, the old city heating has to be replaced and "the Lijnbaan" could use a renovation as well. A more exclusive and modern look is desired. Adjacent to the idea "from seat to City" Jaap Bakema, the spiritual father of the Lijnbaan now developed atelier Quadrat for the refurbishment of the Lijnbaan a coherent design at all scales.   The blast pattern of short lines and nature stone pavement of dark basalt with light gray granite stripes can be found in the seating elements and even in the tree grates. These are custom made by ANAE, sharp and straight- in line with the overall concept for the "Fifth Avenue" of Rotterdam.

Project Photos