The vision of ANÆ street furniture

ANÆ is characterized by combining a progressive design with reliable quality, all this for an average price level.

founder rob lubrecht

ANÆ, Make Public Place Personal

ANÆ Street Furniture offers landscape architects different types of street furniture. They all have their own identity: some are more subdued, others more expressive. It depends on the function of the public space, which type is most appropriate. A busy shopping street already demands a lot of attention from a visitor, so a more modestly designed tree grate or bench is more appropriate.

The atmosphere of a square with a busy nightlife, on the other hand, can be enhanced by a more expressive design. But whichever type is chosen, it is important that the identity of the furniture corresponds to the character of the ground level design. ANÆ makes this possible.

ANÆ Street Furniture was founded in 1999 in Amsterdam by Rob Lubrecht.

Bridge Groenlo designed by architect Rob Lubrecht

Photo 1: Bridge in Groenlo designed by architect Rob Lubrecht
Bron: Wikipedia

Jan Wils Bridge in Amsterdam designed by architect Rob Lubrecht

Photo 2: Jan wils bridge in Olympic Quarter, Amsterdam.

Rob Lubrecht studied architecture at the Rietveld Academy, after which he worked at bureau B+B and Lodewijk Baljon Landscape Architects. He founded office O.O.G. to focus more on the design of street furniture such as bridges, benches and fencing. In addition, there was collaboration with, among others, OKRA landscape architects, Buro Sant & Co, Marlies van Diest and Michael van Gessel.

ANÆ Street furniture enriches and deepens the ground level design. The special collection and the extensive experience in realized projects make ANÆ Street Furniture a logical choice.